From product registration and import to building distribution channels and advertising activities, we offer unmached service.

Marketing Strategy
Do you know who your customers are? Do you know why they buy your products and what they need?
Our goal is to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage of your products through:

  1. Market research
    This is a critical tool in understanding what your prosperous customers need and want. We conduct in-house research through surveys, product testing, and focus groups to collect all the valuable data.
  2. Marketing Plan
    Only when we have all the necessary market information, we develop tailor-made marketing solutions to ensure your message gets through the right people.
  3. Marketing campaigns fueled with consumer and product data
    This is where we combine information with the right channel of communication. We coordinate online marketing activities with PR announcements, media buying, programmatic advertising, and events.
    There is no one-size-fits-all concept: each product is unique and has a specific audience. Thus, each product demands a particular combination of activities to secure that it thrives in the market.
  4. Reporting and monitoring
    Are people responding to your product? Is your product utilizing its full market potential?
    A unique policy of Agens is to advise on products’ feedback. Using the latest technology, we can gain a more in-depth insight into how the customer reacts to your product. This enables us to quickly adjust to all of our marketing activities and make sure your products are always on top.
    Your customers don’t know what you sell and how your product can benefit them. This is where we step in.

Sales & Distribution
Customized solutions for your specific products are at the heart of our services.
Agens has established strategic alliances with key distribution channels and logistic
services, securing the highest quality service.

We offer full assistance in warehousing and distribution of your products through the SEE region, providing you with flexibility, improved service, and accelerated solutions.
sales funnels are covered both by outbound and inbound sales departments:
The outbound department generates more leads by conducting a face-to-face education of your products’ benefits to pharmacists, medical personnel and the interested public. This helps to further the customer base and secure that your product is recognized.
The inbound department processes the leads from marketing campaigns to complete the marketing-sales funnel.

Education and sales representatives

All of our sales representatives have a background in biotech and pharmaceuticals. This ensures that we can easily explain how your products help solve specific issues.
Did you know that more than half of sales prospects are wasted due to incomplete
Newest technology helps us collect the missing information to maximize the selling funnel. By using sales platforms to optimize our marketing process, we can save time and increase efficiency.

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