Inspired by nature. Driven by science. Fueled by passion.

A versatile company from Rijeka

Rijeka (Fiume) is an industrial, port and maritime-oriented city in Croatia. Our heritage is the foundation of our passion for creation.

Background in biotech and pharmaceuticals

Our story started in 2015., when Agens ltd. was founded as part of a biotech project aiming at extracting and producing active substances from medicinal mushrooms. The story evolved, bringing us into the field of human and animal microbiome, its interactions with the organism and methods of deliberate alterations and modifications.

Area of expertise

We can provide you with services in the area of marketing and sales strategy (pharmaceuticals and FS), sales and distribution of pharmaceutical products and food supplements, project development and innovation, as well as research and academic cooperation.

What we are interested in:

If you are a startup or a group working on innovative technologies and/or projects in the fields of biotechnology, microbiology and pharmaceuticals, or if you already have a disrupting product which you would like to introduce to SEE markets, contact us!

Specific areas of interest:

Here is what we are really good at. Do you have an amazing project or innovation in one of these areas? Contact us!

Probiotic and prebiotic formulations

Innovative strains/species or formulations, we are interested in marketing, sales and/or distribution of your product!

Glucans (alpha and beta) and fungal compounds

Innovative or superior products based on efficient types of alpha or beta glucans. Do you have a scientifically proven efficient substance? We are interested!

Vitamin and mineral supplements

Does your company produce innovative and superior vitamin/mineral food supplements? We are interested to be your distributer!


We are your most reliable partner for SEE expansion!

We are experienced in the industry, know the market and use modern technologies in order to acchieve maximum effect. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss in detail how we can be of service and help you market your idea/product in the SEE region.

Rijeka, 51000